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There’s a lot that could be keeping you up at night, but paying for your kids’ tuition shouldn’t be one of them. I am the College Dude. And I’m focused on making you aware of all that financial aid planning has to offer. 

I believe college should be affordable for everyone who wants to go, and it is only a good option for certain students. It doesn’t make sense for everybody!

When I found out how many people struggle to figure out how to afford the tuition costs, and how many are crippled with debt, I decided to battle the monster.

It’s a solvable problem. I promise. Please use my free resources to help get it figured out, or book a free 30 minute call with me so we can talk about it.

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You aren’t the only one. Lots of people have questions about putting their sons and daughters through school. I’ve had the honor of helping several of them. 


Crippling Debt

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Paying for College EBook

It’s overwhelming. It’s annoying. And it’s something everyone has to deal with when they want to send a kid to school.

Download my free e-book on how to pay for college as a Pennsylvania resident.  The College Dude is here to help.

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Want to learn more about scholarships? We have an answer for that. Trouble completing the FAFSA? We have one for that too. How about finding ways to get more aid from schools? We have one for that too. Check them out below!

Applying for Scholarships

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Negotiating Financial Aid Packages

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