Pros to know

For College Planning

Kristin Delfau, EA

Kristin is an enrolled agent who understands the college planning process. If you have questions regarding tax consulting, you should give Kristin a call.

College Dude Pros to Know - Kristin Delfau

Dave, The Scholarship Coach

Dave is a scholarship coach who has seen his own son figure out the best way to pay for college, through applying for scholarships. Dave understands the system and how to best apply for scholarships, and coaches individuals on the best ways to pay.

The College Dude Pros to Know - The Scholarship Coach

Introducing the Pros to Know for College Planning

Discover a team of experts ready to guide you through every aspect of college planning, including scholarships, testing, and financial services.

Meet Dave, a renowned scholarship coach who has successfully navigated the complex world of college funding. With his firsthand experience and in-depth knowledge, Dave can show you the best strategies for securing scholarships and help you achieve your academic dreams.

And Kristin, who is a tax expert to help you with the complex world of tax returns and how they relate to paying for college, financial aid, and more.

Join us and unlock a world of possibilities for a brighter future.